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Recovery Defense


The “recovery defense” as pioneered and developed by Attorney Frank Bolock is a defense approach utilized in appropriate criminal cases involving primarily nonviolent offenders where alcohol, drugs or other types of addiction exist as a contributing factor in the commission of a crime.

The goals of the “recovery defense” include: avoiding the incarceration of the defendant, providing a defendant the opportunity to earn the expungement of an otherwise life changing permanent criminal record and providing the defendant with incentive and assistance in making life changes that will ultimately improve the defendant’s quality of life.

In addition to the goals of the recovery defense there are other collateral benefits that occur as a result of the successful application of the recovery defense which include the opportunity for the defendant to make positive changes that improve the defendant’s health and quality of life as a consequence of addressing and treating alcoholism, substance abuse and other addictive disorders.

Societal benefits directly attributed to the successful application of the recovery defense include a reduction in the overall tax burden associated with jails, prison and prison industrial complex and markedly reducing the recidivism rate of criminal offenders.